Leadership and Individual Difference

This is an effort to summarize the findings of recent research on individual differences in leadership. It has been widely believed that leadership can be considered an individual quality which can vary to a great of degree fron person to person. Examining individual difference in leadership has important implications for both leadership selection and leadership development. 

Can Donald Trump Win the 2nd Half of the 2016 Election Marathon? It Depends

It's a big surprise for a lot of people that Donald Trump could be the GOP's presumptive nominee of the 2016 Election. While many are still puzzled how he could reach this point, it is more meaningful to look toward the future now: Can he win the 2nd half of the 2016 Election Marathon in November? Well, it all depends.

Are You a Leader?

So many people feel so much pain everyday because, mostly, most of us are mismatched between talents we have and the jobs we are doing. People in leadership potions are not exceptional. Many people who have extraordinary leadership talent never can find or be placed in leadership positions while many others who managed to leadership positions don't have much of leadership talent.