Are You a Leader?


So many people feel so much pain everyday because, mostly, most of us are mismatched between talents we have and the jobs we are doing. People in leadership potions are not exceptional. Many people who have extraordinary leadership talent never can find or be placed in leadership positions while many others who managed to leadership positions don't have much of leadership talent.

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I am not afraid to express myself. *
I am an organized person - keep things well organized. *
I can stay calm and logical during stressful situation. *
I look out for my family members, friends, team members and people who work for me. *
I have a desire to learn new things and improve myself. *
I am punctual and dependable. *
I view failure as a teaching tool and source of motivation. *
I am assertive and confident. *
I don't don’t feel awkward about asking for advice whenever needed. *
I don't expect others to do things for me. *