How Could Donald Trump Reach This Point - Becoming GOP Nominee

This year's election is definitely an unmatched historical drama. Donald Trump has surprised everyone (yes, everyone, including himself) - he is the presumptive GOP nominee now after knocking down all his GOP rivals, including Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. How could Trump reach this point? I think the following three factors are major contributors: the naughty battles between Capitol Hill and President Obama, the Apprentice reality TV show, and the gap between Government described economy  and the real economy ordinary people experience everyday. 

The Naughty Battle: Capitol vs. Obama

Personally I believe President Obama is a very nice guy and highly intelligent man. However, I don't think his profile fits the U.S. president job because 1) he lacks one critical personality, being bold and tough, which allows a leader to address uncooperative subordinates and partners forcefully whenever needed, and 2) he doesn't have strong members (note, team building is a critical leadership skill for those at the top) in his top team who can help him to do this kind of dirty things if he can't do himself. This makes Obama powerless when dealing with those powerful Capitol regulators. This results in little achievement the Obama government can make or has made. In Obama's own words, those GOP regulators oppose whatever he proposes. In many cases, those GOP regulators behaved like naughty kids and, sadly, Obama could not do much to harnish them. 

The Apprentice reality TV show

This TV show hosted by Donald Trump has made him a reality TV star and, more important, has built him a widely perceived bold boss personal brand image. Looking back, this TV show had promoted Donald Trump even before the 2016 Election started. The Bold Boss image through this show, together with those Trump-style campaign talks (e.g., building a Great Wall at the U.S.-Mexico border) leads a lot people to believe that, if he becomes the U.S. president, he should be able to handle those naughty capitol regulators. 

The Two Unmatched Economies

After the economic crisis in 2008-2009, the U.S. government printed tons of money to rescue big otherwise would-have-bankrupted business such as automobile makers and financial companies. Up to date, both the U.S. stock market and housing market have well recovered. However, the mainstreet economy has not recovered at the same pace.  A lot ordinary people feel frustrated and even mad, and Donald Trump's "Making America Great Again" campaign slogan has really touched their hearts. 

When people have a good daily life, they usually don't care about if those Capitol Hill people are naughty or not. However, it's very different when their lives are hard. That's why so many people show strong sentiment about Capitol regulators' naughty behaviors and they hope Donald Trump, if he can be elected, say "you are fired" or similar harsh words to get the established politicians under control and do their job. They also hope Trump's business experience help make Aemrica great again.    


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